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Outdoor Lab Gatherings


On May 30th, members of the Morimoto Lab headed over to the University's "Chill with Schill" event to welcome Northwestern's new president, Michael Schill. 

Pictured below are Xiaojing Sui and Erin Aprison with Poppy the Pony as well as Xiaojing and Alejandro Rodriguez Gama with President Schill and first dog, Max. 

erin and pony.jpeg


The lab returned to the tradition of an Annual Morimoto Open this August. It was a beautiful summer afternoon and Thomas Stoeger emerged victorious as the rest of the lab put up some jolly good competition. 

Our first in-person event as a lab since 2020! The group gathered on a beautiful June day to celebrate the graduation of Charlie Stark and Kyoko Kohno as well as Rick's birthday. 


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