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French American Science Festival

The Morimoto Laboratory initiated together with Northwestern University the annual French American Science Festival, a part of the French Innovation Week organized by the Consulate General of France and French-American Chamber of Commerce in Chicago. This one-day event hosts students from the Lycée Français de Chicago and local elementary and high school students who are given the opportunity to participate in diverse scientific topics and experience hands-on activities.  The Morimoto laboratory showcase a hands-on DNA and protein component of the program, teaching students how to isolate and visualize DNA, perform gel electrophoresis, and observe how fluorescent proteins being expressed in the body wall muscles of C. elegans.  Students learn some of the fundamentals of molecular biology and how scientists use these tools to study biology and disease.

French American Science Festival 2014

High School Internships

We have hosted many high school students for research internships.  A laboratory internship is a valuable opportunity for a student to learn about research and be directly involved in a research project. Students gain experience in a molecular and cellular biology research laboratory, meet other scientists, work closely with a researcher, and learn how to think scientifically and to plan and perform experiments.  By being involved in research, students will learn advanced scientific techniques and concepts while gaining valuable insights for a career in science.

Students should be prepared to commit to a regular schedule.   Students are expected to be serious and motivated in their learning experience.  Internships are reserved for those planning to pursue scientific degrees in college. Some recent high school students are:

Grace Ren (Illinois Math & Science Academy 2014); McGill University

Heidi Dong (Illinois Math & Science Academy 2015); Yale University

Holly Cunningham (ETHS 2017); Yale University

Clare Kennedy (New Trier 2017); Harvard University

Glenn Foley (ETHS 2020); University of Notre Dame

Evanston Township High School Senior Gle

Evanston Township High School Senior Glenn Foley (Nov. 2019)

Huntington’s Disease Society of America – Scientist for a Day

As a complement to our research on Huntington’s Disease, we have long been an active supporter of the Huntington’s Disease Society of American (HDSA).   We annually participate in the annual HDSA Chicago Celebration of Hope auction by auctioning an “HDSA Scientist for a Day” item. The lucky winner(s) spend a day with scientists in the Morimoto lab, learning about Huntington’s Disease and having an opportunity to participate in hands-on experiments related to Huntington’s Disease.

SROP Program


The SROP is a competitive summer research experience hosted by Northwestern University for sophomores and juniors from colleges and universities across the United States.  The Morimoto laboratory has hosted many summer SROP students with backgrounds and interests in the biological sciences, chemistry or engineering fields. Those belonging to groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in graduate education and use this opportunity to gain research experience for graduate or medical school. Please see more information here.

Roy McReynolds III (Morehouse College) p

Roy McReynolds III (Morehouse College) presents his research at the summer 2017 SROP symposium.

CURE Program


Northwestern University’s CURE (Cancer Undergraduate Research and Education) program is an undergraduate summer research program for underserved college students who are interested in pursuing careers in the biomedical sciences. For eight weeks, students are awarded fellowships to work in research laboratories. Senior scientists act as mentors and work with CURE students on nationally funded laboratory research projects. Students are introduced to the basics of cancer biology and receive career guidance through weekly seminars presented by faculty members. Please see more information here.

Anjolaoluwa CURE.png

Summer 2019 CURE student, Anjolaoluwa Adegboy (Howard University) studies the role of molecular chaperones in nuclear protein folding while working as a summer research intern in the Morimoto lab.

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day


The Morimoto lab participates in Northwestern University’s annual educational and career-experiencing event for young “future scientists”.   The Morimoto track offers “All in Day’s Worm” in which students experience a career in science. Students participate in hands-on activities in cell and molecular biology and learn about many different types of equipment and biological systems studies in a research laboratory. The students also observe C. elegans expressing distinct phenotypes and learn why scientists use model systems to study diseases.

The Salvation Army Evanston Corps Community Center Day Camp


The Morimoto lab has hosted 50 summer day camp program children, ages 6-16yrs, including the camp counselors.  The kids spend a day in the lab working in small groups with Morimoto lab summer undergraduate and high school research students.  The students learn about science by working in the lab, performing hand-on experiments and being mentored by high school science interns.

Project EXCITE


Evolving from the collaborative efforts between The Center for Talent Development at Northwestern and Evanston School Districts 65 and 202, Project EXCITE identifies talented minority students in the 3rd grade and nurtures their talents in math and science until they enter Evanston Township High School. This program started in 2000 to increase the number of minority students in the accelerated mathematics and science track of the Elementary School District 65 and in honors and advanced placement classes at Evanston Township High School. Project EXCITE provides educational opportunities and social support through sustained contact with the students and their families as they progress through the seven-year sequence.

Retired Programs


For 21 years, the Morimoto laboratory supported the Laboratory Adventures in the Biological Sciences (L.A.B.S.) program. We were pleased and honored to have provided the opportunity to provide hands-on laboratory experience in the biological sciences for 1,500 children and learn some of the wonderment and fascination that can come from being curious about nature. We are indebted to the many wonderful Teaching Assistants from Northwestern’s undergraduate biology program and the junior Teaching Assistants from Evanston Township High School who provided excellent support to L.A.B.S. We thank the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Institute for Biomedical Research for the financial support for L.A.B.S.